Wet Weather Information

Weekend Games –

There is only one place to check if fields are open, the CDSFA notification page – CDSFA Wet Weather Notice

Do not check Council Wet Weather pages as the CDSFA Wet Weather notice is the source of truth and games can occasionally be moved to new fields that are open.

Football is a winter sport and is sometimes played in the rain. If the rain is extremely heavy the various council rangers may close the grounds. Clubs and Referees can also decide to close a ground if they consider it unsafe to play on. Sometimes this can be a last minute decision and you may arrive at your game to find the ground has been closed. It’s unfortunate when this happens, but it can be beyond our control.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your game will go ahead, please turn up to the field.
The Club incurs a fine if we forfeit a game without 72 hours notice.


Weeknight Training –

Inner West Council have a Wet Weather Information page on their website – Wet Weather Information.

You can also call 9367 9190 after 3pm to check the status of fields for training.

If the Council closes the ground, teams are not permitted to train.

If the ground is still open, then training in the rain is at the discretion of your team Coach and your Manager should advise you of the Coach’s decision.  If you do train in the rain we would ask teams not to use the goal mouth areas of fields to preserve them for games.

Occasionally the club may close the grounds for training even if Council has left them open. This may happen when it starts raining heavily after 3pm and we appreciate your understanding when this occurs. We will usually communicate this decision on the Club’s Facebook Page.


Lightning Policy –

Leichhardt Saints FC have a Lightning Policy that must be followed by all teams – LSFC Lightning Policy.

Leichhardt Saints also follow the 30/30 Lightning Safety Guidelines:
1. Stop play if the time between seeing a lightning flash and hearing thunder is less than 30 seconds. Immediately seek safety under appropriate shelter.
2. Do not resume play until at least 30 minutes has passed since the last thunder was heard.