RoundDateAge/DivHome TeamHAAway Team
11Sat 07-May-1112 Div 1Concord02Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 07-May-1112 Div 3Five Dock43Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 07-May-1112 Div 5Earlwood140Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 08-May-1110 Div 3Leichhardt Saints63Roselands
11Sun 08-May-1110 Div 7Marrickville B40Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 08-May-1110 Div 11Marrickville A30Leichhardt Saints B
11Sun 08-May-1111 Div 1Leichhardt Saints12Liechhardt Tigers A
11Sun 08-May-1111 Div 5Earlwood14Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 25-Jun-118 Div 3Balmain DFC A03Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 25-Jun-118 Div 6Balmain DFC A41Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 25-Jun-118 Div 7Leichhardt Saints63Burwood
11Sat 25-Jun-118 Div 8Leichhardt Saints32Marrickville
11Sat 25-Jun-118 Div 9Leichhardt Saints25Balmain DFC A
11Sat 25-Jun-119 Div 3Leichhardt Saints21Marrickville A
11Sat 25-Jun-119 Div 6Hurlstone Park01Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 25-Jun-119 Div 8Leichhardt Saints A42Five Dock
11Sat 25-Jun-119 Div 8Burwood A21Leichhardt Saints B
11Sat 25-Jun-1111 Div 7Balmain DFC00Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 25-Jun-11AA Div 2Enfield A01Leichhardt Saints
11Sat 25-Jun-11AA Div 4Leichhardt Saints42Balmain DFC
11Sat 25-Jun-11O35 Div 6Leichhardt Saints B03Leichhardt Saints A
11Sun 26-Jun-1110Girls Div 2Enfield06Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 26-Jun-119Girls Div 2Leichhardt Saints A22Balmain DFC B
11Sun 26-Jun-119Girls Div 2Leichhardt Saints B12Balmain DFC A
11Sun 26-Jun-1113Girls Div 1Leichhardt Saints02Concord
11Sun 26-Jun-1114Girls Div 1Marrickville13Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 26-Jun-1114Girls Div 2Russell Lea11Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 26-Jun-11Women Div 2Balmain DFC A10Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 26-Jun-11Women Div 3Russell Lea A FLeichhardt Saints
11Sun 26-Jun-1114 Div 1Abbotsford80Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 26-Jun-1114 Div 2Leichhardt Saints23Burwood
11Sun 26-Jun-1114 Div 3Leichhardt Saints00Abbotsford
11Sun 26-Jun-1115 Div 3Earlwood14Leichhardt Saints
11Sun 26-Jun-1117 Div 2Hurlstone Park31Leichhardt Saints
The following games were also played from previous rounds (in the order they appear on the draw):
3 10/3Strathfield36Leichhardt Saints
3 10/7Leichhardt Saints01Roselands
3 11/5Leichhardt Saints21Balmain A
10 10/11Leichhardt Saints08Hurlstone Park
3 12/1Leichhardt Saints00Fraser Park
4 11/7Leichhardt Saints42Marrickville A
4 12/5Concord20Leichhardt Saints
4 12/1Inter Lions02Leichhardt Saints
10 11/5Leichhardt Saints06Strathfield
6 12/3Leichhardt Saints21Hurlstone Park B
4 O35/6Leichhardt Saints02Concord