Registration Fee Refund Policy

A player’s total registration fee is made up of a number of components. These being:

1. Football Federation Australia (FFA) National Registration Fee (NRF);

2. Football NSW (FNSW) Capitation, including Insurance;

3. Association Fee; and

4. Club Fee.

Leichhardt Saints has no control over the amount set as the FFA NRF, FNSW Capitation or the Association fee.

The FFA NRF and FNSW Capitation once paid is non-refundable to the player upon a deregistration. (Refer to the Terms & Conditions in Play Football when registering to play.)

Note: No NSW Government Active Kids Voucher fee will be returned to the player or parent upon a deregistration.


Club Policy

This Policy only relates to the Association and Club portion of a player’s registration fee when that individual seeks to deregister from the current football season.

1. The only instance where a full refund is to be applied is when the player has not engaged in any sanctioned football activity, i.e. has not trained, participated in a trial game, or played in a season fixture.

2. There will be no refund of the Association and Club fee once the individual has participated in a training, a trial game, or season fixture.

3. Where a player sustains a season ending injury (evidence will be required) during pre-season training or a preseason trial game, a 50% refund will be provided.