Referee courses 2015 – Become a Referee


Hello all and thanks for your interest in becoming a referee with the Canterbury and Districts Soccer Referees Association (CDSRA). Refereeing can be enjoyable and very rewarding. Aside from the financial benefits refereeing has to offer, there are huge opportunities for those who work hard and are dedicated. For example, one of our referees, Manny Loupis, was a FIFA assistant referee and officiated in the under 17 World Cup in 1981.

But to be a FIFA referee, you have to start by completing a Referee Entrance Course. Dates and the venue have been confirmed for Referee Entrance Courses for 2015. They are as follows:


Course No 2 Saturday, February 21st 2015 9.00 am to 5.00 pm approximately         

Course No 3 Saturday, March 07th 2015     9.00 am to 5.00 pm approximately

Course No 4 Saturday, March 14th 2015     9.00 am to 5.00 pm approximately Females only


Venue: Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club

               20-26 Canterbury Road,

               Hurlstone Park


As an interested applicant, you only need to attend one of these dates to complete the course. Once the course is successfully completed, you are ready to referee Canterbury and Soccer Football Association matches.

Only 20 applicants will be allowed to participate in each course, therefore seats are very limited.

To register please go to our registration section on our web site


If this is for you, please act now to guarantee yourself a seat. Please do not hesitate to email me for further  Information

Look forward to seeing you at the course.

Yours in Sport,

Anthony Johnstone