Rally in Support of Playing field Access

Rally in Support of Field Access

Hello all SAINTS.

Your support is needed to attend a rally at 5pm on Tuesday 29 January on site at Callan Park on the Balmain Road Sporting field.

Under the Callan Park Master Plan and in conjunction with Leichhardt Municipal Council, Leichhardt Saints has been allocated the Balmain road field to help alleviate our chronic shortage of fields to train on in the Leichhardt municipality.

Lights will need to be installed on this planned field to ensure much needed evening training sessions. It looks like we may lose access to this field as a few local residents are against anyone using the field with lights in the evenings, even though it is only until 9pm.

Saints has grown from 38 teams to 58 teams since 2006 as more people want to enjoy the family friendly environment of playing with the SAINTS.

Leichhardt Saints suffers one of the lowest ground access rates per head compared to other local sporting clubs with over 220 children all training at the same time on one field in 2012.

On game day we had some teams only managing 3 Home games in the whole of the 2012 season, again due to field shortages within Leichhardt municipality.

We need to secure training lights to support training moving forward and see that while a small number of residents may be affected by lighting until 9pm, the greater benefit to the club and wider community far outweighs this change.

As the club continues to grow we will have even greater shortages in training facilities. This is the issue which needs to be made clear to Councillors in terms of understanding the problems both now and in the future..

Please arrive at 4:55 and stand with saints committee. There is no need for you to address the meeting,however we need 20+ people to show the Councillors that our members need training fields with training lights.

Wear saints colours (Black,White and Red) if you can.

Bring a friend or bring a placard. Children welcome.

Andrew Williams

LSFC Admin.