Rain Policy

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Rain Policy



There are only two places to check if fields are open

Home games :Leichhardt Council wet weather Information page – Wet Weather Information.

Away games : The CDSFA notification page – CDSFA notice

Do not go checking other council wet weather pages as they are misleading.

Football is a winter sport and is sometimes played in the rain. If the rain is extremely heavy the various council rangers may close the grounds. Clubs can also decide to close a ground if they consider it unsafe to play on. Sometimes this can be a last minute thing and you may arrive at your game to find the ground has been closed. It’s unfortunate when this happens, but beyond our control.


We will advise you if King George, or other grounds in the Leichhardt LGA have been closed. Following heavy or continuous rain on training or match days, it’s best to call this number to check. The number is 9367 9190.

Leichhardt Council also have a wet weather Information page on their website –
Wet Weather Information.

If the Council closes the ground, teams are not permitted to train.

If the ground is still open, then training in the rain is at the discretion of your team coach.
Your manager should advise you.

Game Days

If we are notified the night before the match, we will contact your manager immediately and they will notify you. We will also try to do so on the day of the game, where possible. As soon as Clubs advise CDSFA that a ground has been closed, CDSFA also update their website.

If you are playing at King George, or at another ground in the Leichhardt LGA, please check the Leichhardt Council “Grounds Hotline” which is updated by 8.30am on game days. The number is 9367 9190. Leichhardt Council also update their Wet Weather Information on their website – Leichhardt Council Wet Weather Information at the same time.

Other Councils also have wet weather lines, but some are not updated so frequently. If a particular field is closed, competitive games may also be moved to another if such a field is available.

If in doubt, please turn up to your game.
The Club incurs a fine if we forfeit a game without 72 hours notice.