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Player of the Month

Ethan - Player of the Month July 2010


Under 8

Ethan’s attitude amd commitment, along with events that have taken place, have placed him in an exemplanary position to depict what team spirit is and how a team player should behave.
Ethan has always aimed to please when been coached, and always tries his hardest. Ethan’s commitment to improve has risen his profile within the team to a player that can be entrusted and counted upon keeping the very important position of centre back which over the course of the season he has improved in fulfilling his roll within the field of play, but it is his commitment to the team of late that stood out and very much worth mentioning.
Recently while not feeling well, Ethan attended one of our team games as a spectator to support the team, we were to later find out that Ethan was hospitalized for a number of days from which I am happy to report he is making great leaps forwards in his recovery, and has over the last three odd weeks attended the matches to support the team as a spectator, leading to entering the field to play sparingly, to having played last week where his contribution to the game, was noted to be pivotal to the success of the teams performance on the day