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Player of the Month

Finn - Player of the Month June 2008


Under 7

For the following reasons:
1. His constant passion for the ball
2. His attentive listening skills during the game which has mainly benefitted the other team and some of ours as in his determination for the ball there were sometimes a few casualties along the way. By listening, Finn was able to pull back a little and only take the ball, which left all the kids standing and unscathed, but still wondering where the ball went.
3. His achievement in changing from going just for the ball where-ever it was, to reading the play and intercepting the ball and then passing either up the field or to one his own players.
From the perspective of a fantastic young up and coming player, Finn is demonstrating the passion, drive and skills at an early age, which if harnessed and guided could become an amazing little Socceroo.