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Player of the Month

Zach - Player of the Month May 2007


Under 8

Zach is an extremely talented player who has shown great application and skill at training and in the games he has played this season. He has shown his versatility by playing in a range of roles on the field, from goalkeeper to striker. His greatest strength though is his attacking play from midfield where on numerous occasions he has turned defence into attack, and half chance into goal. He is the cornerstone of a formidable midfield combination. Not only is he one of our leading scorers, but his unselfish play has created many chances and goals for his teammates. He is quite mature in his sense of his own role in the team and in his recognition that football is a team game. He has (almost) always accepted my directions about where to play or what to do without argument or grumbling, which makes a coach’s life much easier. He is clearly willing to learn, and he not only takes advice and suggestions on board but actively tries to apply what he has learnt or been told at the earliest opportunity. Again, this makes a coach’s life easy.