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Charlie - Player of the Month August 2013


Under 10/6A

“Charlie went to Europe on holiday for 3 weeks so he missed a few games in the middle of the season. But he couldn’t wait to get back on the pitch. Sadly the nasty coach (me!) put him in goal for the first half of the match on his return – but Charlie made some great saves and then went on to score a goal in the second half when he took the gloves off and went up front.”

“On his second game back he came out of the traps at breakneck speed as striker. Belting round the pitch, running round the opposition. In the end he managed to score 2 beauties to bring his team home with a much deserved 2-1 score. Parents leapt in the air after his second winning goal!”

“Charlie’s an awesome striker and an all-round great player. He tries his hardest every week and whilst he was away the team missed him enormously. Its great to have him back scoring goals for us.”

Dan Higson (coach)