Under 8 to Over 45
and all Girls and Women’s Teams

This weekend (1st and 2nd of April) is the first game of the season

Although the pre-season has been difficult with training almost completely washed out for most teams we hope this weekend heralds in sixteen or more weeks of fun and skills development and maybe just a touch of competitiveness to give it all an edge.

Your coach/manager will have your jerseys and, where applicable, your player ID cards

Make sure you know where you are playing by checking the DRAW

Managers ensure you have printed your Match sheets and notify registrar@leichhardtsaints.com so corrections can be made in time for round 2.

Good Luck and have fun

Under 6 and Under 7

Your first game is not until 29 April… so relax

You have plenty of time to get used to the rhythm of attending training on Tuesday nights and getting to know your team mates.

Don’t forget to continue to recruit as we can add players to your team right up until the end of June.

Remember, boots and shin pads are compulsory at training and games.