2018 Registration Instructions

Welcome to the preparations for the 2018 Football season, please follow the instructions below to register with Leichhardt Saints in 2018

Time line:

  • Early January on-line registrations Begin
  • 4th February register in person at King George Park
  • 5th February team formation and grading ( if required) begins
  • March Training begins (Dates to be notified)
  • 7/8 April First games begin for competitive teams
  • 28 April for Under 6 and Under 7

Register as early as possible to make sure you are in a team and you have an ID card printed (remember no card no play is the rule)

Order your shorts , socks and other Saints gear online… order early so you are all set for the 2018 season ONLINE ORDERING

*It is important to note that players missed out on being placed in teams due to late registration in 2015 and 2016

There are Three ways to register

  1. You can register on-line from 4th January 2018
  2. Download the forms and email them to the registrar
  3. Attend rego and information day at SSC Leichhardt on 4th February

Shorts and Socks will be available to purchase at the rego/information day on 4 February.

Otherwise they may be purchased from our up coming  on-line store

Instructions for the three methods of registering are HERE

Late Registrations
Registrations after 5th February are late Registrations
Late registrations will only be accepted in age groups or teams that have space.

Registering as a Coach, Manager or Official
If parents/players are willing to register as a Coach, Manager or Official, it is helpful if they could also do this at the same time as they register themselves or their child(ren).
Instructions for registering as a coach manager or official are HERE

Grading and Team Formation 2017
Grading generally applies to age groups from Under 8 and older where there are sufficient number of players wishing to grade. Grading of registered players is expected take place over the two weeks beginning 6th February at Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt, players should attend both weeks. A third week may be required if sessions are washed out or a huge number of players attend. A schedule will be posted on our website HERE The grading process ensures players are in teams with others of a similar standard, as well as helping to select the players for the highest graded team(s) in each age group. It is therefore requested that new players attend the trials.
*Grading is not compulsory.

Contact the registrar
Andrew Williams registrar@leichhardtsaints.com / 0403 474000