You can find out for yourself! Council has a phone line, 9367-9190, with a recorded message about ground closures. At time of this posting it has Saturday’s message on it, saying fields are all open, and as it hasn’t been changed since, that means that all fields are still open.

Council does the pitch inspections at about 3pm most days. This means you should check at about 3:30, by which time it should be updated if needed. When the club is notified of ground closures, we send out a message via the mail list (have you subscribed? It’s easy, click on the ‘mail list’ link to the right) and we post it here on the home page of the website straight away.

(BTW, if there is a closure and people use the ground anyway, the club is fined and punished so please don’t put the rest of us through the hassle. Also the administrator will hunt you down – she’s the one that gets yelled at and it’s not pretty)

For information about dodgy weather on Game Days, read our “Rain Policy“.