The Leichhardt Saints Football Club 2014 AGM was again a small and friendly affair. I encourage more members to increase their understanding of their Club by attending in 2015.


Life Membership:

This year Life Membership was bestowed upon Andrew Williams, the man behind the emails.

Andrew has provided long and dedicated service to the Club as a parent, team manager, Registrar and Administration Officer. Andrew has given thousands of hours of his time to ensure the Club runs smoothly. It is inspiring to work with Andrew who is constantly looking for ways to make the season more fun and more affordable for all our junior players. Congratulations Andrew. A well-deserved honour.

Committee structure for the 2015 season:

Many on the committee retained their positions from 2014. The committee structure for 2015 is set out below.

Farewell to some of our great contributors:

We are very sad to say farewell to Debbie Wood who has been an outstanding Treasurer for seven years, and held many roles before that. Debbie has expertly set up our systems to ensure excellent financial governance. A benefit not enjoyed by all clubs.

Thank you Debbie.

Robert Owe Young, known to many as the Recorder and Club photographer and before that Equipment Officer for several years, is stepping away from his general member position. It is important when we look at the amazing action photographs of our children and teams to remember that many were taken by Robert in his own time for the enjoyment and memory of Club families. A very generous and selfless thing to do, thank you Robert.

Both Debbie and Robert have given many of hours to the Club and made Leichhardt Saints a better place to be and a more successful Club. Your friendship and contribution will be sorely missed. On behalf of all Club members I say a huge thank you and wish you best wishes for your future endeavours.

New to the committee in 2015:

Jim Merewether has moved from a general member position into the Equipment Officer position.

Equipment Officer is an enormous and time consuming role. There is no dedicated assistant for this role in 2015. Casual assistant to the equipment officer is available to any parent of player generous enough to contact Jim via the website. I encourage people to do so, especially in the early weeks of the season when players need to buy socks and shorts. Consider selling socks and shorts for two hours per week for the first 5 weeks of the season?

Wendy Frazer, known to many as an age coordinator, has stepped into the Assistant Secretary role.

Wendy has been an active member of the Saints community as a parent, team manager and age coordinator for five years. One role Wendy will take on is coordinating the age coordinators. This will provide a greater connection between age coordinators and the committee and help age coordinators execute their roles better. Welcome Wendy.

Ree Panuccio has taken a General Member Position. Ree has been around the Club for seventeen years! as a parent and player. In 2014 Ree undertook two major fundraising activities for the Club.

Among other things, the money raised paid for the inflatable obstacle course at Presentation Day.

Ree will take on the role of sponsorship coordinator. She is well suited to this task. Welcome Ree.

Jane Coles has taken a general member position. Jane has just what the committee needs: a daughter and a son playing for Saints. The committee needs connection to the junior age groups to know what our most important players need. Jane also has connections to elite sports and sporting equipment. Jane sourced all the great giveaways for presentation day 2014. Thanks and welcome Jane.

A Call to All Members

The Treasurer’s position has not been filled. The Club needs a member who has bookkeeping skills to fulfil this role. Experience with MYOB would be an advantage. The Treasurer is required to create and present financial reports to the committee, including budgets. The Treasurer also participates in the general running of the Club along with all committee members. 2015 is a great year to get involved. There is a friendly and supportive committee of people willing to assist a new Treasurer.

And, outgoing Treasurer Debbie Wood has generously offered to mentor the new Treasurer into the role if required. Please contact any committee member to enquire. Committee contacts are on the website. Or reply to this email.

Membership drive

All of those in the Saints family who have enjoyed what Saints has offered over the years, please make sure you have a valid membership. Membership ensures you are able to vote at meetings and stand for election to a committee position. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Andrew for a membership form. To be a member you must be a player or parent of a junior player. There is no charge associated.

Your committee is now starting planning and arrangements for 2015. If you would like to get involved in any way please do not hesitate to contact a committee member. There are roles to suit all appetites.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at a Saints’ park in 2015,


Leichhardt Saints Football Club Committee 2015

  • PRESIDENT                                      Liza Schaeper
  • SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT              Scott Wilson
  • JUNIOR VICE PRESIDENT               Howard Charles
  • SECRETARY                                     Liam Griffiths
  • ASSISTANT SECRETARY                Wendy Frazer
  • TREASURER                                     Vacant
  • REGISTRAR                                      Andrew Williams
  • EQUIPMENT OFFICER                    Jim Merewether
  • CANTEEN MANAGER                      Laurel Lawrence
  • CDSFA REPRESENTATIVE            Tony Reed
  • ADMINISTRATOR                            Andrew Williams
  • MEMBER                                          Nick Buchanan
  • MEMBER                                          Ben Kizny-Gordon
  • MEMBER                                          Ree Panuccio
  • MEMBER                                         Jane Coles