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Howard Charles, coach and chief correspondent for the mighty Under 12/1’s has been sending daily updates of their campaign in the Kanga Cup. You can read them here.

My sincere apologies to Howard, the team and all Saints’ supporters for the delay in posting these reports. They should have been posted daily but unfortunately my return from Brisbane overlapped the period when the reports were received.
Adrian Rice
Disgraced Saints Webmaster.

But wait, there’s more!

The mighty 12/1’s have been all over the press of late. These articles are about the Volkswagen Junior Masters Australia tournament in October.

A serious mention in Sabastian Hassett’s column in the Saturday SMH. Look for the heading “GOOD LUCK, YOUNG FELLAS”; It includes a quote from coach, Howard Charles.

The Inner West Courier has an excellent article this week with more words from coach, Howard Charles, on his mighty team and their magnificent spirit. Don’t forget to leave a comment on the article.