Instructions for ordering Team Photos

Each year LSFC organises Team Photos

We will be taking them on

19 and 26 May for Saturday Teams

27 May for Sunday Teams

All photos will be taken at King George Park Rozelle.

Please follow the instructions below to order your very own team and individual photos.

When you have read through the information you can click on the order tickets button

We need to keep track of you and know which team you are in.

Type in your team name eg U8/1 or Lorikeets……

Your Team name and coach or manager should appear as an option.. please select it.

If it doesn’t appear contact

Select how many sets you want of each order type.

Team Photo only or Portraits and Team Photo

Check your order and complete all fields for payment and order tracking.

The schedule will be sent to your coach/manager closer to the date of the photos.

We will try and schedule your photo shoot at the best time possible for you to play your match and have your Team Photos taken either immediately before or after the shoot.

This may mean you will have to leave for your game immediately after having your photo taken or leave the game venue to get down to King George Park.

Scheduling will take your game time and venue into account.