Leichhardt Saints Grading Policy Statement

Leichhardt Saints Football Club (LSFC) is a family oriented sports club. We believe in promoting participation in our game, equal opportunity for all players, development of football and team skills, and above all, enjoyment of the game.

The Club believes that placing players in a grade appropriate to their skill level plays a significant role in achieving these objectives. The grading policy aims to promote these objectives, and is not about winning.

Grading gives players the opportunity to:

  • be in (and play against) teams with other players of similar attitude and ability,
  • have an equal opportunity to participate, and
  • have an equal opportunity to contribute to the team’s performance.

These conditions provide the best circumstances for development of football and team skills and enjoyment through participation and achievement.

The Club recognises that individual players have different motivations for playing football ranging from highly competitive to social recreation. Through appropriate grading and player placement the Club aims to cater for all players and believes that everyone can benefit from the grading process.

Whilst the Club encourages all players to take part in the grading/player placement process, it is not compulsory. Players will have the opportunity to play with friends in non-graded teams whenever this is possible in conjunction with the grading process.


Grading Policy

Application: The grading policy applies to all age groups from Under 8s up. 

Under 6 / Under 7: No specific grading is proposed. However the Age Coordinator will be responsible for the placement of players in teams and will take into account past experience (where applicable) and other requests entered on the Registration form. Requests may include for a player to move up or down teams. Parents are reminded to consider the Grading Policy Statement, which states that players will have the best opportunity to develop if they play and train with others of similar ability. Players returning to LSFC will be given priority in the player placement process and no player will be required, if unwilling, to move teams in U6/U7. Player placement/movement will be applied within these parameters by the Age Coordinator in consultation with Coaches where appropriate.

Grading policy: Half the teams in each age group will be graded. If there are four teams in an age group two will be graded. If there are 3 teams the Coaching Director will decide if 1 or 2 teams will be graded. If there are 5 teams the coaching Director will decide if 2 or 3 teams will be graded. Grading will necessarily be subject to numbers participating. LSFC encourages all players to participate in grading even if nominating for a non-graded team. 

Implementation: The grading process will be conducted by the LSFC Coaching Director and his/her nominees. The Coaching Director will endeavour to have at least one other grading panellist who is independent of the Age Group. Consultation with coaches will be at the discretion of the Coaching Director. The Age Coordinator will assist in managing the grading process and all parent inquiries will be addressed to the Age Coordinator. The decision of the Coaching Director is final. Should the Age Coordinator be unable to resolve a dispute regarding the grading process the decision of the LSFC President will be final.