Goalkeeping courses for Coaches 2015




As part of the Coach Education delivery program in 2015, the Association will host two courses for goalkeeping coachesin May.

The first course to be conducted will be the Goalkeeping Certificate Course in early May, followed by the Goalkeeping Licence Course a few weeks later. To note, those wishing to participate in the GK Licence course must first have completed and been deemed competent at a GK Certificate course.


Each of the courses will be conducted by James Rankine, a senior FNSW coaching course presenter & specialist in GK courses.


Goalkeeping Certificate

Course Link: https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=11711

Friday’s 1st & 8th May @ Pratten Park

Goalkeeping Licence Course

Course Link: https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=11712

** Must have completed the GK Certificate to progress to the GK Licence course.

Friday’s 22nd & 29th May @ Pratten Park


Current CDSFA members need only lodge a $50.00 deposit (refundable upon completion) while non-members incur the full charge of $70.00.


Trent Thomas

Manager Football Operations