Jewellery Policy

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Football NSW confirms to all members the following 2005 FIFA guidelines and FFA advice concerning the wearing of jewellery whilst participating in the game of football.

This information has been provided to Football NSW by Football Federation Australia and is confirmed to all Branches, Associations, Clubs and NSW Referee Branches as applicable to all competitions at all levels within Football NSW.



SAFETY – “A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to
himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery).”

This includes anti-discrimination bands, leather necklaces and any other loose wristbands.

The taping of jewellery is no longer allowed (including earrings and wedding rings).

Sweatbands may be worn.

Any player not complying with these regulations will not be allowed to play.


If in the opinion of the Referee, a medical bracelet or medical necklace presents no danger, then it may be allowed on the condition that it can be taped or bandaged to the body to provide protection. A medial bracelet can be covered by a tight wrist guard and similarly, a medical necklace can be
sufficiently padded.

It is important for a Referee to ensure that the player’s coach, manager and team-mates are aware of the player’s condition, together with any first aider who may comprise part of the clubs management. If a player is injured and is unable to speak, ensure that somebody checks whether they are wearing a medical bracelet or necklace.