Coach & Manager Resources

Player Attendance Forms
Player Attendance must be recorded at every Training Session and sent to the club at
You can use the Football NSW attendance form or submit directly into a Google form the club has set-up for teams.

If you do not submit the form, the team will be suspended from training until we receive it.
Training Drills
Suggested Training Drills that comply with the current guidelines can be found here:
CDSFA Coaching Manual

Responding to Injuries
Football NSW’s COVID-19 Injury guidelines

Training Requirements

  • Training only – no games (either trial games or small games during training sessions)
  • Non-contact drills only (e.g. fitness, dribbling, passing, shooting drills)
  • Minimal handling of the ball (throw-ins, headers & goal keeper drills are not to be undertaken)
  • Only 20 people including the coach to be in each training area (1/4 pitch)
  • No additional people attending training (parents to drop their children off and wait in the car or similar)
  • No sharing of bibs
  • No sharing of water bottles, no spitting

Coaches & Managers requirements/expectations

  • Attendance records will be kept for all training sessions (a template will be provided by the club).
  • Training during this period will be voluntary for all participants – we understand that there will be some players/parents who will not be willing to train
  • No one is to attend training if they have any Cold or Flu symptoms. If a player arrives with symptoms, no matter how minor, they are to be sent home immediately
  • Anyone who is awaiting the results of a COVID19 test or have had close contact with someone awaiting a COVID19 test is not to attend training
  • No one is to attend training if they have returned from overseas in the previous 2 weeks
  • Training will finish early to ensure there is no cross-over between teams
  • Players will need to arrive ready to train (i.e. fully kitted out) in club merchandise