Coach & Manager FAQs

What are the current restrictions to training?
There are the player guidelines here that must be followed but in regards to training:

  • No person to person contact training drills (tackling or challenges) to be conducted
  • A Football pitch is to be split into quarters
  • No more than 20 people to be allocated per quarter of the pitch. Only registered players and volunteers should be in a training zone.
  • Social distancing is to be implemented – at least 1.5m between people at all times
  • No person to person contact training activities (tackling or challenges) to be conducted
  • Records of attendance must be kept and provided to the club after each session
  • Any handling of equipment is to be kept to a minimum
  • All equipment (e.g. cones, portable goal posts, balls) should be cleaned after usage
  • Heading and picking up the ball to throw in must be discouraged, Leichhardt Saints are instructing teams not to run any drills using these skills
  • Only essential people at training, players, team officials, essential volunteers ARRIVE – TRAIN – LEAVE
  • If training bibs are used, each individual player is to be allocated a bib and they are responsible for taking the
    bib home to wash and return

Can we have more than 20 people in a training zone? Can we sub players in and out throughout training?
No, there is a hard limit of the same 20 people in each training zone (including coaches) for the duration of the training session.

Do the groups in each training zone need to remain constant each week?
No, each week you can have a different group for a given training zone, but as mentioned above attendance records must be kept for each session

Will the training restrictions remain in place when games recommence?
At this stage we don’t have any information on timings of any changes to the current training restrictions. We will update Coaches and Managers when we know more.

When can we collect the jerseys?
Jerseys will be available to be collected from the King George Park container on Saturday the 27th of June between 10am and 12pm. Only one team official should be present so please arrange who from your team will collect the jerseys ahead of time.
We will communicate the dates to collect Player ID cards at a later date.

Can we still register new players?
Yes, if you have room in your team we can continue to accept new registrations up until the 31st of July.

What do we do if become aware of a case of COVID-19 in the team?
Notify the club immediately and do not train until you receive further directions from the club.