Accident & Injury Support Information


All registered LSFC Players are covered by Football NSW’s insurance policy, details below:
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All claims should ideally be lodged within 120 days of the injury. The insurer will only reimburse covered expenses that occur within 52 weeks of the injury or the date the claimant first sought treatment.

FNSW Insurance website


Injury Claim Process

  • Injury claim forms are now completed online through the claims portal on the FNSW Insurance website.
  • The online claim process enables claimants to apply and upload documents and receipts online for quicker processing.
  • To lodge an injury claim go to
    • The claimant registers and completes the claim form online.
    • The claimant downloads and prints the Club Declaration and Physician’s Statement from the claims portal.
    • Once you have filled in the form it will need to be signed by a club official. Please email the form to
    • The Club Declaration is completed by the club and returned to the claimant who saves and uploads it to the claims portal.
    • The Physician’s Statement is completed by the claimant’s Doctor or Specialist and is then saved and uploaded to the claims portal by the claimant.
    • Alternatively these documents can be emailed to or posted to Gow-Gates Claims, PO Box 4731, Sydney NSW 2001.

Injury Claim Verification

  • Injury claims for players registered with a local community club are verified by the relevant Association.
  • Claim verification is required for all injury claims to ensure the player was registered at time of injury and was participating in a sanctioned (FNSW approved) event or activity and that the information provided on the claim is accurate.
  • Verification of a claim can only occur once the claim has been completed and the necessary documentation uploaded e.g. Club declaration, Physician’s Statement or additional documentation if requested by Gow-Gates.


FNSW Insurance Program

Refer to the following links for further  information:

Football NSW Insurance Programme


Insurance Enquiries

Email  or phone Gow-Gates on (02) 8267 9999