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Sophie July 2011

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Sophie - Player of the Month July 2011 photo


Under 10G/2

Sophie is the ‘safe hands’ of our Golden Boots team (U10G/2).

Sophie has really developed her skills both on the field and in goal this year. Just a few weeks ago she ran half the field to slot a goal away, but when it comes to the tough matches, Sophie is called in to her favourite position and with her safe hands rarely lets a single goal in.

She always maintains great concentration and is determined to do her best each week. Sophie is poised for more soccer greatness as she continues to sharpen her dribbling, kicking and passing skills.

Having said that, she is our safe hands Soph!


Henry July 2011

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Henry - Player of the Month July 2011 photo


Under 8/6

He’s tall, he’s strong, he times his kicks well. He can do a mighty goal kick or pass up the field or in to the goal. He likes to defend, but he likes to attack even more. He could develop into a striker in the Viduka mould. But wherever he is on the field, Henry enjoys the game and runs hard.

He is being nominated for the player of the month not just for his determination and skilful play, but for his positive and pleasant attitude to his team mates and his coach. Although Henry loves to attack, but he doesn’t complain when his coach asks him to play in defence. He is always cooperative with his coach, and friendly to other players.


Adam July 2011

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Adam - Player of the Month July 2011 photo


Under 6 Starfish

Adam has improved tremendously as player this year and is a joy to coach always there listening to what I have to say and always polite.

Not only does he help pack the gear on training day he also helps on game day. He would be an asset to any team and with a better coach he will probably get even better.


Jonty June 2011

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Jonty - Player of the Month June 2011


Under 9/8B

Jonty puts in a consistent hard effort each week at training and at the game. He gravitates naturally to the defensive end of the field and has become extremely reliable in parrying the attacking thrusts of our opposition. More importantly Jonty is a good sport who respects the referee, the coach and only has the occasional grumble (usually after the odd elbow or push from the opposition).

He has a pretty sharp wit and keeps his team mates amused but knows when to crack a joke and when to concentrate on playing or training. He supports the goalie well and doesn’t give him a hard time when he makes the odd mistake.

Julius June 2011

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Julius - Player of the Month June 2011


Under 9/6

Julius has been one of the key players for the U9/6 team in 2011. His attitude on the field is exceptional; whether in attack or defence Julius never gives in, and is always looking for opportunities. This season the U9/6 team has developed into a cohesive, forward thinking group of players and Julius has contributed to this development by continually looking to involve other players in the game.

Julius is also one of the most vocal players when off the field, calling out encouragement to his team mates, urging them on and offering encouragement at every chance. Julius provides an excellent example for his peers as an all round leader, who is committed to the team and the game.

Charlotte May 2011

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Charlotte - Player of the Month May 2011 photo


Under 8/9

Charlotte’s bright red cheeks after every practice and game indicate what a big effort she puts into her soccer.

At practice she is full of enthusiasm and positive energy encouraging everyone to ‘go for it’. In games she gives the team confidence to try their own skills and her ability to ball handle and run for the opposite team’s net gives our team a real boost. Charlotte is a coaches dream – she willingly plays any position and tries her best at each one.

Charlotte is truly a lovely player to watch and a good ambassador for the sport of soccer.


Lois April 2011

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Lois - Player of the Month April 2011 photo


U10 Girls/2

The U10/2 Girls team is a newly formed team this year, and already achieving great things on the field! Lois Parsons, our nominated Player of the Month is not only new to the team, but new to football this year. Already, she has shown great improvement in all aspects of her game.

She is always seen chasing the ball and challenges all opposition, big and small. Lois has improved her ball skills and passing ability, she calls for the ball and moves into space ready to receive a ball from one of her team mates.

In our pre-season friendly match, Lois scored her first ever goal and was carried atop her team mates’ shoulders; it won’t be long and we are sure she’ll score another! Well done Lois, keep up the great effort!


Sid April 2011

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Sid - Player of the Month April 2011 photo


Under 6 Seahorses

Sid’s become known among the parents on the sidelines as SOS – Sid Our Saviour. When things are going against the Seahorses, Sid gets in there to retrieve the ball and often manages to take it right up the field. Sid has remarkable confidence and skill with the ball for a child his age, due to lots of practice at home and effort during training.

While he takes his game seriously, Sid also shows great sportsmanship on the field, sharing the ball with his teammates and dealing with defeat graciously.


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