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Annual Presentation Day 14 September

Hello Saints!

Can you Feel the excitement building?
Presentation Day is almost here!

Sunday 14th September, from 9:30am at King George Park, the whole club gathers to celebrate a wonderful season of fun and fair play.

We’re still busy creating the Yearbook and collating all the fantastic photos and special award winners, and of course organising all the trophies that will be presented on the day (in case you are new to the club and didn’t know, all junior players receive a Leichhardt Saints trophy).

In previous years many teams kick on after the presentations with their own team gatherings & picnics.

It’s less than a week away now so let’s look forward to fine weather on the day.

Looking forward to seeing you all then, along with our sponsors and volunteers that help the club run so smoothly.

Managers, please remind your team so they don’t miss out.

Andrew .

check the website for updates: www.leichhardtsaints.com

Saints Grand Final Matches this Weekend

31/08/14 10:30 13Girls/1 Hurlstone Park  Saints  Campbell Park 1
31/08/14 14:20 17/2 Enfield Saints  Centenary Park 1 (West)
31/08/14 14:20 30WOMEN/1 Hurlstone Park B Saints A  Campbell Park 2
31/08/14 18:00 Women/1 Saints Hurlstone Park C Lambert Park

August 2014 Player of the Month

Zoe - Player of the Month August 2014

Zoe – Player of the Month August 2014


July 2014 Players of the Month

Coby - Player of the Month July 2014

Coby – Player of the Month July 2014

Frankie - Player of the Month July 2014

Frankie – Player of the Month July 2014


June 2014 Players of the Month

Remy - Player of the Month June 2014

Remy – Player of the Month June 2014

Bryn - Player of the Month June 2014

Bryn – Player of the Month June 2014


2014 Yearbook is in Production


The 2014 Yearbook is in production and packed with Club info, Team reports, lists of Award Winners and plenty of Team and Action photos.

The Yearbook, along with Trophies, team Photos and plenty of special Awards will be presented at the Saints Presentation Day, 14 September 9:30am King George Park, Rozelle.

yearbooks 2002 - 2013

Finals Series Matches this weekend 16 & 17 August



16/08/14     12:00      O35/5        Five Dock  vs   Saints  Pratten  GRAND FINAL
16/08/14     14:20       AA/1         Balmain  B  vs   Saints  Croydon   MINOR SEMI
17/08/14     09:00      12/2           Saints  vs  Balmain   Mackey   FINAL
17/08/14     09:00      13Girls/1  Saints  vs  Russell Lea A  Centenary  FINAL
17/08/14     09:00      15/3          Marrickville  vs  Saints  Pratten   GRAND FINAL -Postponed
17/08/14     12:15       O30W/1    HP B  vs  Saints A  Strathfield   MAJOR SEMI
17/08/14     12:15       O30W/1    HP A  vs  Saints B  Strathfield  MAJOR SEMI
17/08/14     12:20      17/2            Saints  vs   Five Dock A  Rudd  1  FINAL
17/08/14     14:20      WIL/2       Balmain  B vs Saints B Earlwood Oval MAJOR SEMI
17/08/14     14:20      Women/1   Saints  vs   Marrickville  Strathfield  1 MAJOR SEMI

Saints finals matches this weekend

See the list below of Finals series matches Saints Teams are involved in:


09/08/14 14:20 O35/5 Stanmore Hawks Saints Henley Park 3
10/08/14 09:00 13Girls/1 Hurlstone Park Saints Henley Park 2
10/08/14 10:30 12/2 Burwood Saints Bennett Park 2
10/08/14 10:30 16Girls/1 Concord A A Saints Henley Park 3
10/08/14 11:20 13/2 Marrickville A A Saints Centenary Park 2 (East)
10/08/14 12:20 Women/3 Marrickville B B Saints Henley Park 2
10/08/14 12:50 15/3 Saints Concord Bennett Park 1
10/08/14 14:20 17/2 Enfield Saints Parry Park 2
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